And one day we met with these wonderful people, who worked with us from the very beginning, assisting us in our journey to parenthood.

They took us by the hand and led us with professionalism, honesty and serenity, but never forgetting to be good-hearted and affectionate.

They were not to be held back by difficulties or failure.

They held us by the hand and let go only when they had to hand us the most precious gift of all: "the little hands of our children".

That is why, for all the efforts made with seriousness and dedication, we would like to express our deep gratitude

to Brutia Association and to Dr. Gianni Tenuta, attorney,
to ANIDO Association and to Nelly Gantcheva, attorney,
and to Giulia, our "blond stork",

all of them met us and accepted us as a couple but saw us off as a family.

To all of you we say our sincere and loving "Thank you"!


P. F. and L. C., Italy


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Intercountry Adoption Council sessions

This section contains information on the referrals (proposals) made by the IAC. This is the body within the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice, which makes the referrals.

A letter of gratitude - B. O’D and N. O’D., Co Donegal, Ireland

We are writing to thank you and your team for all of the wonderful help and support that you and the Staff of Anido gave to us from the very beginning to the very end of our adoption process and while on our two trips to your country.

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