One day we received a phone call with a great news – we have been referred a girl with a wonderful name! We immediately get the feeling that this could be our daughter and this feeling get stronger when we saw the picture of the most beautiful girl in the world!

One Sunday morning we flew to Sofia. The next day we were received a very hearty welcome from Galya and Nelly, after which we went to the baby home where we were going to meet our little girl. The next days were so special, so lovely and emotional! Days in which we get to know each other. The separation was very painful and after 4 long months of waiting we could get back and pick her up.

ANIDO organized the whole procedure so well, that there was no need for us to do anything, but just to enjoy our time with our daughter. After we returned to the Netherlands, the last part of the administrative procedure finished quickly and successfully.

Our bonding was soon getting stronger and 2 months later we started the rehabilitation procedures; after 7 months she was doing her first steps with the prosthesis!

She is now 2-nd year in the kindergarten and we did whatever within our means to find out for her a suitable form of education, that is, a combination of rehabilitation and education in the same school.

We spend lots of time in the outside, we go to the zoo frequently, we enjoy our "ordinary days", our meals together, we play together...Each day we enjoy our moments together, we have a good time and we help her to surmount the difficulties. We are often astonished by the power of her character. So as each day passes the difficult moments give more and more room to the good ones.


L.L. and K.M., the Netherlands


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Intercountry Adoption Council sessions

This section contains information on the referrals (proposals) made by the IAC. This is the body within the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice, which makes the referrals.

What an amazing day

August 5th 2019 was a glorious day!! We two will got to meet our kids S., M. and G. for the first time! We were finally get to see our children that we have been praying and dreaming about for almost 5 months! WHAT AN AMAZING DAY THIS WAS!

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