Adoption Procedure


For the official acceptance of the referral of the child and while still in Bulgaria, applicants may sign in front of a notary public the respective documents from group B. Within the same two-month period and prior/after their trip to Bulgaria, applicants shall provide to ANIDO new apostilled medical and police certificates, as well as 2 certificates, issued by the respective Central Authority in the applicants’ country of residence, that is:

1) Certificate pursuant to art. 17.c of the Hague Convention, containing the Central Authority's approval for the adoption procedure to continue and

2) Certificate evidencing which authority will carry out the post-adoption monitoring of adopted child's adaptation in the new family; the said authority shall provide a post-placement report at every 6 months during 2 years, i.e. 4 report in total.

Within the same two-month period, ANIDO shall present to the Ministry of Justice all these documents, translated into Bulgarian and apostilised, and shall initiate the legal phase of adoption procedure.

As an exception, in case of an unforeseen circumstances, the 2 month term can be extended by another 30 days.


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Intercountry Adoption Council sessions

This section contains information on the referrals (proposals) made by the IAC. This is the body within the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice, which makes the referrals.

Exceptional professionals - A. M. and K. B, Barcelona, Spain

When we arrived in Bulgaria in 2004 in order to adopt our little girl, this was a totally unknown country for us with its language and customs.

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