Adoption Procedure


The applicants have the right to decline the referral of the child. For this purpose, they need to provide a letter with the motives for their decision. If in 2 months the Ministry of Justice has not received any reply from the applicants, it is considered that they do not accept the referral. Furthermore, in case a motivated letter for declining the referral by the applicants has not been received within the two-month period, applicants shall go to the bottom of the register and shall be entered under a new number. The prospective adoptive parents shall keep the same number and position in the register only in case that the Intercountry Adoption Council have established that the the child has health issues, which were neither known to the applicants prior their trip to Bulgaria, nor were listed as acceptable in their adoption application.


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Intercountry Adoption Council sessions

This section contains information on the referrals (proposals) made by the IAC. This is the body within the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice, which makes the referrals.

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